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Employment Opportunities

'The Grange Academy'

What is it like to be a member of our team?

  • A culture of high expectations and a strong belief that all pupils can achieve exceptional progress no matter what their starting point is. 
  • Strong routines so that teachers can teach and pupils can learn.
  • Positive, friendly and supportive staff.
  • Visible, highly-motivated and pupil centred Senior Leadership Team. 
  • Regular CPD and opportunities.
  • Opportunity to work in an exceptional learning environment with state of the art equipment.
  • A Trust that supports its schools and its pupils. 

Hear from some of our staff about what its like to work at The Grange Academy.  Read about some of the journeys our staff have been on.

Miss Anderson (ID 1056)

I’ve been fortunate to teach at The Grange Academy since 2007, and it’s been such an incredible journey that I came back to my job in 2023, after spending two years abroad.

Supportive Leadership: The Grange Academy’s leadership genuinely cares about our growth and well-being. They encourage innovation and provide resources to enhance our teaching methods.

Collaborative Culture: At The Grange Academy, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. We share ideas, lesson plans, and strategies to create a dynamic learning experience for our students.

Student-Centred Approach: Our focus is always on the students. We celebrate their achievements, address their challenges, and create a nurturing environment where they thrive.

Professional Development: The Grange Academy invests in our professional development. From co-planning to CPD, we’re constantly learning and improving.

Impactful Moments: Seeing a student’s face light up when they grasp a concept—that’s the magic of teaching at The Grange Academy.

As the Head of Music, I feel very privileged to work with students that take their musical studies seriously and from that we manage to produce outstanding musical events for our parents/carers and the local community. It is that musical performance that provides a crucial step in the musical process where musical ideas are realised and transmitted to a listener, which our students are 'expert'.

If you’re passionate about education and want to make a difference, The Grange Academy is the place to be. Join us in shaping young minds!

Heidi Anderson (Head of Music and Drama)


Jahaan Osman (ECT- Teacher of English)

I have worked at The Grange Academy since 2019. My journey here has been incredible, evolving from an unqualified Cover Teacher to a fully qualified English Teacher. Throughout this time, The Grange Academy has played a pivotal role in my professional development, providing me with the support and opportunities to grow and excel as an educator. I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement I have received, which has greatly enhanced my teaching skills and confidence in the classroom.
Supportive Leadership: I've been very lucky to work with people who have understood and supported me with my career progression. Our team is incredibly approachable and always happy to help with a smile on their faces. 
Collaborative Culture:  At The Grange, we thrive on unity and collaboration. We share exemplary teaching practices and ensure that our core values—Knowledge, Aspiration, and Respect—are deeply ingrained not only in our teaching and our students but also in our interactions with one another.
Student-centred Approach:  We proudly celebrate our students' achievements, whether through assemblies, or reward trips. In everything we do, students are our number one priority. Lessons are planned with the students in mind - carefully curated for engagement, interest and development.
Professional Development:  The Grange prioritises their teachers' professional development. This trickles down from our trust with twilight sessions led by subject leads who are also heavily involved in training our teacher trainees - these brilliant pedagogical minds help evolve our teachers. I have been privileged to experience this and am a proud graduate of the Future Academies SCITT program 2023. 
Impactful Moments: Seeing students' eagerness to contribute, especially when they know the answers, is phenomenal.  Whether understanding a complex piece of literature or expressing themselves through writing, these moments are incomparable.
Working at The Grange Academy is incredibly rewarding, as I get to witness our students' passion for literature and their impressive growth in critical thinking and writing skills. Our dedicated students work hard to produce outstanding work, reflecting their commitment and creativity. Celebrating their achievements together highlights the strong, supportive community we foster, emphasising the importance of student well-being and academic progression.


Join us


We are always on the lookout for friendly, qualified people to join our team. We are a tightly-knit body of passionate staff, linked by our shared enthusiasm for education and our commitment to upholding the highest standards of pupil welfare. As part of the Future Academies MAT, opportunities for professional development are varied and rich, and go beyond just our academy.These opportunities include trust-wide CPD and subject-knowledge enrichment, and the development of interpersonal relationships with other staff beyond the local community. Our priority is the safeguarding of our students. Therefore, all applicants to a post must be willing to undergo the relevant child protection screening procedures and checks before taking up a role. 

Current opportunities at The Grange Academy

None at this time- Check back for more information and vacancies

If you would like to be added to our talent pool, please email your details to the following address.  enquiries@thegrange.futureacademies.org

You can always check via Eteach to check for any current vacancies. 



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More about Future Teacher Training