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The Grange Academy

The Grange Academy

The Grange Academy

Welcome toThe Grange Academy

Libertas per cultum

Our Staff

Our staff team is comprised of highly-qualified, passionate and motivated individuals, all united by one common goal: to inspire their students and guide them in achieving their potential.

Please see below for a list of the talented individuals who make up our teaching team. 

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Dr. P Hills
Vice Principal Mr. I Sudbery
Vice Principal Mr. J Nagle
Assistant Principal Ms. L Mulcahy
Assistant Principal Mr. J Wride
Assistant Principal Mr. A White

Heads of Department

Art Ms. C Tomlin
Business & Health and Social Care Ms. N Karaphillides
Drama Ms. C van der Watt
English Mr. S Richards
Geography Ms. T Ur-Ehman
History Ms. V Hill
Languages Ms. B Gatti
Mathematics Mr. A White
Media Ms. T Stanbury
Music Ms. K Johnson
PE Ms. N Williams
Science Ms. C Turner
Social Sciences Ms. L Johannes
Technology Ms. U Beveridge
Year 9 Achievement Leader Ms. S Knoetze
Year 10 Achievement Leader Mr. R Evans
Year 11 Achievement Leader Ms. E Thomas
Head of Sixth Form Ms. T O'Connor
SENCO Ms. J Ricketts

 Our Teaching Staff

Art Mr. P Fuller
Ms. S Putman
Business Studies Ms. E Hehir
Computing Ms. S Ratnasingham
Drama Miss. B Upton
English Ms. T Bonn (2nd in charge of English)
Ms. M Yol Montenegro
Ms. J Kinsella
Ms. J Osman
Ms. L Hembrough
Ms. O Poulton
Geography Ms. E Hogan
History Ms. A Hebert
Ms. H Spurr
Mr. M Calverley
Mr. S McCarthy (RE Teacher)
Mr. F Ortenzi
Languages Ms. C Canton
Ms. E Liano
Latin Mr. J Sayer
Mathematics Ms. M Barnard
Mr. K James
Mr. D Godfrey
Ms. M Koneswaran
Ms. Q Chien
Music Mr. S Borgio
Mr. A Gillon
PE Mr. J Putnam (2nd in charge of PE)
Ms. S McNeil (2nd in charge of Sixth Form)
Science Ms. M Renaudiere
Mr. A White (KS4 Co-ordinator)
Ms. N Green
Ms. S Joyce (KS3 Co-ordinator)
Mr. S Tyrell (2nd in charge of Science)
Ms. A Thesia
Mr. B Walker
Social Sciences Ms. L Kaur
Technology Mr. S Ahmed