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The Grange Academy

The Grange Academy

The Grange Academy beats 2019 GCSE results! Watford Observer article 25th August 2022

Pupils celebrate GCSE results after gruelling pandemic

Students from The Grange Academy in Bushey have expressed joy and relief after scooping successful GCSE results.

Principal Dr Philips Hill praised pupils' "resilience" after results went up half a grade compared to 2019 – when the last in person exams were sat.

One of those students is Liam Humphreys from Watford, who achieved two grade eights, two sevens, three sixes, and one five.  

The 16-year-old said: "I'm happy with my results.

“It is a relief, we have been waiting so long, there was a big build up to it.  

“I was predicted a seven in PE, so I am happy I got an eight.

“My parents are happy too.

“It was hard working through Covid without the teachers being there, but we got through it.”

Liam will be studying geography, business, and criminology in September.

Dhillion Vaghela from Bushey will also be staying on to do his A-levels at The Grange Academy.

He achieved one grade nine, seven grade eights, one grade seven and a grade five.  

Dhillion, 16, said: “It was a relief when I got my grades. It had been a long time coming.  

“I was predicted an 8 in physics and a 7 in PE, but got higher grades, which is a nice surprise.

“I plan on staying here to do my A-levels and then go to university to do something with computers.”

Lily Baker from Watford is planning to go to Parmiter's School to do her A-levels.

She achieved four grade nines, two grade eights, three grade sevens and one grade six.  

Lily said: "It was such a long wait between the exams and the results, but I am very happy.

"My family are proud.”

Lilly, 16, will be studying maths, biology and PE for her A-levels.

Dr Hills said he expects to see 40% of pupils staying on to do A-levels, adding: "All of our students have done really well. 

"We are half a grade up on 2019.  

“They have shown huge resilience with Covid and we are really pleased with them.

“We’ve had about nine or ten students who got all nines and eights.”